•1978 : Established the company under the name of Wan-yi in Taiwan, where produced the tools and molds for acrylic injection.
•2008 : We diversified and started to export our products to the global.
•2014 : Founded the independent department of acrylic manufacturer and named as WINTECH ACRYLIC LTD. And set out to create customized items.
•2014 : Warehouse was founded in Mexico.

Wintech Acrylic LTD. is an acrylic house wares manufacturer in Taiwan! We organized a well experienced and innovative design team. We equip with a lot of expertise, such as customer 3D simulation drawing, Prototype developing, mass production mold developing for injection or sheet forming. Wintech also focus on material selection, we insist our products must certified with Safty test per customer's demand for food container.

Wintech Acrylic LTD. is keeping working on creating latest design and innovation to decorate every occasion and family. The most important of all, we offer the most competitive price and provide the best service to satisfy your demand. Our main value is based on Acrylic to create Life Aesthetics. Very welcome you to choose Wintech Acrylic LTD. We will bring acrylic collection to make you have stylish living.

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